47th Continoman Expeditionary Force
Leader(s): Cavadus
Officer(s): Campbell
General info
Faction: Continoma
Type: RP/PvP/PvE
Localization: Usa
Recruiting: Open
Website: Website
Forum: Forum


The 47th is an "RP Lite" military themed player organization which intends to focus on the territorial conquest aspect of Earthrise. Though the unit will be PvP focused, there is a non-combat section of crafters and whatever other "non-com" roles exist, which will be supported, supplied, and protected by the combat arms legionaries.

RP LiteEdit

The 47th's style of roleplay is what we've coined "RP Lite." What this means is that we subscribe to a more casual-to-moderate form of roleplay. More specifically, we ask our legionaries to be "in character" in spatial/local chat but will not require anyone to be "in character" in any team, unit, or other such affiliated chat channels. We also do not require any legionaries to be "in character" on our forums aside from the designated roleplay forum. "In character" chat is strongly discouraged on voice comms. The bottom line is that we want to present a degree of professionalism and limited roleplaying allows us to do just that.


  • Professionally Built Dynamic Website
  • vBulletin Forum System with vBadvanced CMPS Plugin
  • Dedicated 24/7 Private Ventrilo Server
  • Personalized E-Mail Address
  • General Issue Dress Uniform
  • Scheduled Events
  • Supply and Requisitions System


The 47th was originally established in 2003 as the "Imperial Army" on Star Wars Galaxies' Chilastra server. To this day the Imperial Army still maintains a presence on that server. The 47th quickly grew into the largest Imperial player association on Chilastra and led the Imperial faction in inter-unit coordination and control. As the years rolled by the 47th waxed and waned but always maintained a very large and professional core of friends.

In 2005 SWG underwent two massive game overhauls both of which were extremely unpopular. By the time of the second overhaul a significant segment of the member base decided it was time to permanently move on from SWG. The 47th has since moved on through such games as Tabula Rasa, PlanetSide, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2142, Crysis, and various other games.


The 47th seeks to propagate the power of Continoma and expand it where ever it doesn't exist as well as secure and maintain a safe society for all citizens of Sal Vitas.