[ASS]Assault Logo

General Guild Description: Edit

Assault is a PvP-centric guild. Our goal is simple... gear up for Territorial Warfare, and PvP. Our not so simple goal? Become rich as Bill fucking Gates doing that shit. Damn, thats pretty simple too.

Organization: Edit

We use mumble, and running mumble during gameplay is expected of all members of [ASS].

What we will offer you: Edit

Knowledge, and power. Knowledge is power, but we also bring that raw stuff to the table. We will be pumping out high end gear as soon as we are able, equipping our guild as fast as possible, and combining our knowledge of mechanics and systemic pwnage to really mop the floor with the competition.

What you need to offer us: Edit

You need to be active - Casual is fine, but you can't be a once a week player. You need to be fine doing PvP, and lots of it, we don't accept the pansy care bear types. That is not to say that we will impede your progress with character development, quite the opposite, we encourage players to get equipment (and we will assist them with this) and skills as quickly as they would like.

General Mamby Pamby Shit: Edit

- We understand if RL takes precedence over the game. - Maturity is more important than age, but if you sound like you just sucked helium on mumble, don't even bother applying. - You don't need a microphone to join mumble, but you do need to be able to hear us.

To Join: Edit

You can apply on our forum [here].