Leader(s): Achidan
Officer(s): TBD
General info
Faction: Continoma
Type: PvP-PvE-RP
Localization: Worldwide
Recruiting: Yes
Website: Website
Forum: Forum

Asylum Clandestine Services

Executive Branch - Operations Branch - Intelligence Branch


Primarily an espionage based organization aligned with Continoma. Asylum does have an Operations Branch and conducts combat operations on a squad level. Recent trends show Asylum adding to their combat capabilities by organizing a Division for territorial warfare. In addition, Asylum has ties with several military based Organizations and hires Mercs for assistance. It is rummored that Asylum has Operatives in high ranking positions with a multitude of Enterra Organizations.


To disrupt any attempt to undermine Continoma authority. Penetrate all Organizations deemed to be a threat to Continoma and provide real time intel to Continoma forces throughout Enterra.


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