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A series of ruined residential, industrial and administrative complexes, Old Town was once home to a thriving community of the pre-Purification age. Oblivious to the impending cataclysm, the people of Old Town were unaware of the construction of the secret Protogenetic Asylum, which at the time was disguised simply as "standard mining operations."

During the catastrophic events of the Third World War, many people tried to reach Old Town for sanctuary. The residents turned them away, keeping the already scarce resources for themselves. Not every group of refugees was willing to give up so easily, and they attacked Old Town. Ruined shells of primitive bunkers and defensive obstacles are all that remain to mark the effort to keep the now demolished city.

Thousands of inhabitants died in the conflicts. The descendents of the survivors gradually mutated, developing new traits that ensured their adaptation to the new environment, however corrupting their human nature in the process. All technological knowledge was lost to more primal needs.

Old Town is one of Continoma's sore spots, but the corporation and the Tribunal have designed a solution. They've developed a plan to solve the problem in two stages: restriction and annihilation. The first stage has already been set into motion. The Old City is now fenced off to prevent the spread of a virulent mutant infection, but aggressive groups of mutants have already breached the perimeter at several points, where violent battles are common. The second stage will be a total demolition of Old Town and the complete extermination of its inhabitants.[1]

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