Robotic Companions will be important companions that players will be able to craft and employ as they explore the island of Enterra. There will be several different models and their abilities range from assisting your combat, to providing healing and repairing aid on the battlefield, helping you out with item management and even providing some limited crafting functionality that otherwise would require a journey back to a crafting station. Designs used in crafting a robot are even more important compared to designs used in crafting normal items as they will be able to not only modify its qualities, but also its behavior. Some other uses that robots will provide will be bending the way the security looks up at your character, from forging temporary disguise for a criminal to making sure the security aid comes faster by alerting your Faction before your character can call for help. Robots, like every item in the game, will have Durability which will lower as it gets damaged and when they use their abilities; so even a robot that has never taken a dent, but has been extensively used, would require timely repairs. It is a clever tactic to take down an opponent's robotic assistant first, but only if you got enough Shield that has you covered while you take your opponent's fire.[1]