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After leaving the Protogenetic Asylum, those elected for the restoration of humanity founded the prosperous city of Sal Vitas. As a second chance for humankind to reclaim what was lost, the new society aimed to shake off its earlier mistakes and prevent such in the future. Careful planning of actions and their effect was the primary concern of a leadership that strived for enlightenment.

Sal Vitas promises a society void of corruption or crime existing without wars, famine or poverty. Every hard-working citizen is given access to all benefits, including private protection and full property insurance, a clean and healthy environment to live and develop, and most of all personal achievements fairly evaluated. And while all residents work for themselves, they do so to provide common welfare to all. This is seen as the only way for the society to strengthen its bonds, and resist any risk and harmful influence that could undermine the structure of the city. Humans have learned their lesson, or so it seems.

The pride of Sal Vitas is its monolithic architecture. Considered a work of art, the image of the megalopolis is composed of imposing skyscrapers emerging out of a futuristic dream. Built with imagination and style, Sal Vitas stands as a monument of modernism, where glass and concrete meet with lush green parks. Gliders whiz silently among the pedestrians on sterile streets. With culture and fashion now uniform, all citizens resemble each other in both clothing and manners.[1]


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