The Tangler is a mutated plant living in the nearby areas of the Aboretum.


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The Tangler is a carnivorous plant, although many artists' renditions seem to mistake the unruly vegetation for a huge snake or some sort of tentacled monster. While the majority of the Tangler's body lies beneath the ground, victims are most likely to see - and feel - the tentacles first. Many survivors' stories tell of the Tangler chasing them just below the ground's surface as they try to flee, but there is no veracity to these rumors and is more likely attributed to the person actually fleeing though a whole patch of Tanglers. In fact, being locomotion-deprived is the exact reason that this monster is able to spit a thick sap from its "head" concentrated with paralyzing enzymes, allowing it to entangle its prey at its leisure. The Tangler's roots - as the "tentacles" are indeed a modified sort of aerial roots - then proceeds to sink a billion of tiny suckers into the victim's body, turning a full-grown man into a hollowed out husk within an hour.

Although the Tangler is a threat to most, the Pterarostra bird has formed a symbiotic relationship with the meat-eating plant. The fowl's most notable quality is its ability to spit a liquid that by itself represents a contact poison, but when mixed with the Tangler's sap, it ignites. Since the Pterarostra lacks a beak, it has to secure a little BBQ from its neighbor. Sucking food through the same proboscis used to spit its venom, it feeds on the melted remains rejected by the plant. With a feeding process this efficient, there's nothing left behind![1]