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The original settlement of the Pioneers on the main island, the Nest was built in a short time, with no consideration of comfort or luxury. The Founders needed little else besides shelter from the hostile environment and a place to call their own. It received its name from its wide platforms perched atop giant columns upon the floor of a deep crater, a giant scar left on the island from the days of an equally ancient war.

After the Sal Vitas began to gradually develop and grow at the center of Enterra Island, the settlers moved on; only a small number of laborers and technicians remained behind to support the Nest. Gradually, tension started to rise among the Nest population, a belief that those left behind were expelled from the new society. Still others chose to abandon Sal Vitas of their own will. The Nest became synonymous with a safe haven for adventurous hearts as much as a cesspool for useless individuals.

When animosity between the Nest and Sal Vitas reached a critical point, the Sal Vitas government withdrew its support for the Nest. Contrary to the modern society's expectations, the inhabitants of the Nest proved to be resourceful and resolute.. Gradually, from the primitive hostels, mess halls and warehouses peppering the area sprang bars, brothels and black market stores. These became the building blocks of the Nest, profitable sources of income, power and information. Rampant violence soon became the entertainment of choice in the Nest; fighting pits attract the bloodthirst and coin of men and women alike.

The criminal activity in the Nest is controlled by one man, the Bird of Prey. Few things pass unnoticed under his sharp eyes. An enigmatic figure, his word is law for the thousands of thugs and enforcers who do his bidding. By his hand the Nest has turned into a gathering point for many criminal organizations, acting as the primary base of operations for their dealings throughout Enterra.[1]


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