In Earthrise there are several methods of transportation besides walking. This page will cover the transportation methods available.

Personal VehiclesEdit

The personal vehicles in Earthrise will be ground based hovercrafts and players will not be able to steal a vehicle from another player.[1] These vehicles will require no fuel when traversing the island, however they will require to be looked after, though players will greatly benefit from owning one.[2] Hovercrafts exist in two major kinds, for the first level are hovercraft skateboards and there will also be bigger hovercraft motorcycles.[3]

  • Are these vehicles craftable and customizable?

Yes, vehicles will be designed and made by crafters. Those vehicles will be the best in Earthrise.[4] Also They will be customizable.[5]

  • What if i'm unable to make a hovercraft or can't find a crafter for a reason?

There will be unmodified stock made vehicles available from stores.[6]


Teleportation portals are going to follow EVE-like system of two-way wormholes, so players will not have simple direct transportation to any location they please. Most teleportation portals will require payment for their services and players who prefer them will soon have another serious expense in their book. Finally, given that many teleportation portals will be located in zones of low or zero security, this will bring serious logistic challenges to players who go past those territories.

  • Why is there teleportation?

Despite the availability of craftable vehicles that will speed up the transportation on the island, sometimes players will need to quickly find their way to a specific location. Reasons can be many - an event happening nearby certain city or town, an upcoming raid where the remaining players are waiting already, or an attack on your guild's territory where every man at arms counts and you can't afford to be late.

  • Can't Teleportation hurt the gameplay?

No, As we design teleportation services, two principles are strictly followed - they should not make the world feel small and the vast expanses of territory meaningless, and they should not force vehicles as ineffective alternative.[7]


Mechs have three purposes ingame, harvesting natural resources in biohazardous environment, transporting huge amounts of inventory due to their increased capacity, as well as combat. Driving such a combat machine would require serious investment in learning skills, as well as providing fuel and maintaining the machine, which is a very important consideration given that everything in Earthrise wears out and even when properly maintained, eventually breaks and becomes unusable.[8]

  • Is there a limit of Mechanoids a player or guild can own?

No, Players can own as many exoskeleton mechanoids as they can afford.[9]

  • Are Mechanoids customizable?

Yes and no, Mechanoids will not have upgrades that the owner can install in it, but rather it has to be built with certain options (Designs) that make it more suitable for specific actions; such as special devices, weaponry and programmed Abilities. This gives power to crafters to create Mecha builds, advertise and sell them rather than make them utility manufacturers who just provide the end user with a set of tools.[10]

  • Are Mechanoids 'mountable'?

Yes, they are.[11]

The DangersEdit

Logistics play a big part of this game, The world is in constant conflict between factions, factions that would like to keep their technology to themselves and preferably steal the technology of the other faction, so smuggling exists in the world of Earth Rise. Besides players of the enemy faction trying to hunt you down, there are also criminals, bounty hunters ,dangerous mutant infested zones and hazardous areas![12][13]

note: Articles about criminals and smuggling to be made on a later date.